Hire Developer/Designer

Sometimes you just need an extra hand, when your business is growing and just needs an additional programmer or two to help out, whether for a short  term contract or a long-term basis, we have a solution for that too. If you have an idea for a website and want a designer/developer to implement it, you can hire our professionals to meet all your  requirements.
We'll provide the programmers and manage your hired team's oversight with a dedicated account manager to guarantee their total attention is on your  business needs. Our team of dedicated programmers will be working only on your project and make sure that all your requirements are meet within the given time frame and as per your recommendations. Using our Hire a Developer/Designer services, you can have your personal team of programmers and we will manage their working hours and other needs in order to complete your project within the deadline and  given budget.
Projects are be billed per month per programmer or per total project, this is entire negotiated and set in advance of work start date, based on your company requirements,  skill set needed, working hours and project scope.

Some of the Advantages of hiring a developers are:

  • A team of dedicated programmers working on your project only.
  • Hire a dedicated team at flat monthly fee and avoid any start-up, maintenance, or extra hidden costs.
  • Contact our programmers to know the progress of the project and also receive feedback and weekly reports.
  • You own the right to resell the code, application, and the work done to any third-party.
  • You own all the rights to the source code.
Our Dedicate Programmer Service provide developers in the fields of Website Design (HTML/CSS/Photoshop/AJAX), JAVA, PERL and PHP.
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